Vil du arbejde hos os?

Vil du arbejde hos os?


Scan.DesignCenter AB har vokset kraftigt siden starten 2003 og vi rekryterer løbende den kompetense vi behøver for at møde morgendagens krav.

I grunden søger vi personale i alle aldre og med forskellige baggrunde, gerne fra arbejde med e-handel. Sprogkunskaber i europeiske sprog og erfaring med international markedsføring er en merit.


Du er velkommen at sende din cv og ansøgning til Skriv gerne "ansøgning" som emne.

At arbejde hos Nordic Nest

Meet Pearl Safari – Intern at Nordic Nest

Upon commencing my junior year in Sydney, I was interested in an internship that would  better my experience in my field of study – International Business. I chose Nordic Nest since it matched my career goals. I’m keen in working for an organization that  undertakes global operational activities. Having spent 15 weeks here, I have worked with  people of different nationalities in a vibrant work setting. 

I was taken under the wing of my mentor, Annika with whom I closely worked with on the  English site. I was mostly impressed with the amount of responsibility given to me within a short period. At the company, I was encouraged and supported to develop my own  Marketing events. Observing what professionals do helped in gaining new insights about the  field. During this journey, I also had a chance to develop my analytical and interpersonal  skills. 

The internship was not only professional but also a human experience. The hierarchy was  very flat, something I experienced for the first time. I would always look forward to the fika  and lunch breaks with my colleagues. From time to time, we had after-work activities such as  dinners and barbeques, which were always filled with laughter. 
I have nothing but praise for all my colleagues, who helped shape this fantastic experience  here. The internship was relevant to my studies and has been nothing short of a practical  and enriching process. It is something that will be very useful in my future career – which will  hopefully continue in Sweden once I graduate.